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Website Hosting Affiliate Program

Sign up for affiliate programYou already refer our services because of our great service, now when you recommend others to us, you can earn money!

Sign up to our affiliate program today and start earning recurring revenues by introducing people to us.

Recommend friends, family, business associates, your employers or whoever to our world class web hosting service and allow those you recommend to benefit from our excellent customer support and service delivery.

Why become an affiliate?

  • It's FREE to register
  • It only takes a minute to sign-up.
  • Low payout threshold. We payout when your affiliate balance reaches $20.
  • You don't have to be an existing customer
  • If you are already a web hosting customer with us click here.
  • You will earn recurring revenues on all web hosting sales by your referrals for the lifetime of those sales
  • Your referrals will be grateful that you have introduced them to a world class hosting service
  • We do the hard work of supporting the customer for all their hosting requirements so you can concentrate on referring more and more people to us
  • Payments made monthly by Paypal

So if you have a website either hosted by us or otherwise or simply participate in online-marketing activities (ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!) and can link to us, you will earn recurring revenues on all sales generated by your referrals for the lifetime of those sales. We provide you with your own links and tracking panel.

The implementation of our affiliate program on your website is very simple. Once you have signed up you will be assigned a special link that points to our site which you simply place on your website either as a text link or using one of the banners we provide. When a visitor clicks this link you earn up to 20% commission for as long as they remain a client.

As a web hosting affiliate you can log into your affiliate control panel and view reports showing how many clicks your unique URL has generated, how much commission you are owed and how much you have been paid. So why not take a few seconds and sign up today as an affiliate, it's free and easy and you can start earning up to 20% commission per sale. Get started today.

How Credits Are Earned

The more clients referred, the more you earn! 1-10 clients referred earns a 5 % credit, 11-20 referred client earns 10% commission credit and 21+ referred clients earns 20% commission credit.

  1-10 referrals  
  11-20 referrals  
  21+ referrals  

*** Affiliate must maintain at least 11 active customers with for rate of 10% to be applied

**** Affiliate must maintain at least 21 active customers with for rate of 20% to be applied


Register for Affiliate Program

Are you already an existing customer?

If you are already a customer you can activate your affiliate account by simply logging in to your Client Area, click on the 'Affiliates' link then click on the 'Activate' button.

Not a customer?

If you are not a customer but would still like to enroll as an affiliate, great! Simply register for an account with us, login and then click on the 'Affiliates' link then click on the 'Activate' button.


We want good affiliates!

We want you to recommend our web hosting services with a passion. We see you as extension of our own marketing team and we are here to help you succeed and be seen in good light with those that you have referred to us.

Our affiliates will play an important part in our ability to develop into the best web hosting company in the world. We want you to participate in the development of our services. Along the way, you may feel we should be providing something that we don't currently offer... we want you to tell us.

Affiliate Program Sign Up

We will pay you up to up to 20% commission rate on every successful referral on every purchase they make, every month, for as long as you and they are our customer.

Here is how it works:

Sign up as an affiliate within your client area and receive $5.00 credit in your affiliate account. Then refer your friends, site visitors and clients to us and you will receive 5% - 20% of the hosting fees for the duration of their time as a customer of ours - 20% for each successful referral over 21**** We will even retro the 20% back to your first referral, so that you receive 20% commission every month for every dollar spent by every referral still with us.

Affiliate Account

Credits you earn will be banked into your affiliate account. When you have accumulated $20.00 worth of credits, you would request those credits to be released from your account through your Client Area of Credits will be first applied toward your account at

Once a person clicks on the link (or banner) that you email them or place on your website, a harmless cookie is added to their computer that stays active for 90 days. This means that after a person visits from your referral link or banner, and they do not become our client right away, at any time during that 90 day period they decide to sign up from their computer, you will get the referral!

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

How Credits Work

Any earnings you make as an affiliate will be applied as a credit to your account. For example, if you made referrals who converted to customers of, you would receive monthly credits in your Affiliate Account. Once your account reaches $20.00 of credits, you may request to make a withdrawal of the credits from your Client Area. This would be applied toward your account with us at Any remaining balance issued via check or PayPal.

Earn Cash!

If your recurring monthly Affiliate Credits exceeds your monthly recurring hosting costs with, any credits in excess of your cost will be sent via Paypal. You pay nothing to and do nothing to earn the money. As long as the customers whom you referred remain our customer, you will continue get paid. First, credit toward your account, then a check to you for the balance due!

What have I got to lose?

Absolutely nothing! Even if you refer only 1 person to us, based on the minimum you and your referral would pay - $19.95 monthly, that's 99 cents a month for doing absolutely nothing! For as long as you and that person are a customer - you will be given 5% of that person's hosting account per month!

Banners, coupons and links

We provide you with professional, quick loading and original banner designs. Text links are available too. As an extra incentive, we may also offer you a discount code to distribute to your site visitors, friends and colleagues. This code will be a special promotional offer for first time customers. Do you require specialized banners or links for your site? Just ask and we will be happy to assist!

How do I register?

Once you are our customer, simply go to your Client Area, and click on Affiliate tab, press the Affiliate button to activate, and you will receive $5.00 in your Affiliate Account to get you started. You will be provided with banners and links to either email your friends, put on Facebook, or add to your website. Just ask if you would like further instructions or would like for us to customize a banner for your website.

* A customer/ client is one who signs up for a hosting account with at a minimum rate of $9.95 for a one year contract or more

** A successfull referral is a referral you have made who signs up as a customer

*** Affiliate must maintain at least 11 active customers with for rate of 10% to be applied

**** Affiliate must maintain at least 21 active customers with for rate of 20% to be applied

**** DIY Hosting Plan not included in Referral Credit program

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